Fashion Moodboard

What is MoodBoard?

Moodboard is a collage of some images of any particular topic included text, color or any materials that could be used for the topic. These boards can be more like a visual presentation or gathered of ideas of any particular topic for the users which help them in their work flow. Moodboards can be manual or digital.


Who uses or creates it?

Moodboard is used or created by the designers mostly. Any designer such as graphic designers, interior designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, or photographers can create it for their working progress. Different designers create different moodboard.


Importance of Moodboards:

A moodboard has a particular topic or theme. The images, samples, text contents, text styles, colors, or color palates, other materials that can be used are collected based on that topic. Designers can create many ideas in their heads at a time. So if they make it, they can easily generate the idea which they are looking for without getting any confusion. So, moodboard is very important for a professional designer. They also can describe and discuss their upcoming designs via this board with others.


Types of Moodboards:

Moodboards can be manual or digital. Manual moodboard can be made of wooden frame with foam in the middle. Designers can collect their objects from any book/paper/write in a cheat sheet/print from the computer and pin these on that board. They can hang the board in their working room or keep in their working desk. So it’ll easy to look at the moodboard and think about the work progress. Digital moodboards are made on the computer by the designers. Making a digital moodboard is easier than a manual moodboard. Designers can just research on the internet, collect the pictures or samples, different types of fonts, color pallets based on their topic or theme, and put together in a pdf. They can make these boards in one page or in many pages, can print the pdf, otherwise keep in the computer; they can do whatever with this.


How to create a Moodboard:

Moodboard of a fashion designer is different from others. You can find one season and one theme in the moodboard of a fashion designer. The theme can be anything and of course particular, but they made designs based on the season. Fashion designers like to follow the trend and create their ideas. The fashion designers select their theme first such as “beach”; they collect the colors and visual images that are related to the beach; the images can be of previous models and any scenery which will indicate that this is from a beach theme. Then the designer selects the upcoming season, for which season she/he want to work such as “autumn”. So he/she will find the fabric names that people use in the winter such as Cotton or Linen or chiffon. Then they collect the previous year’s trendy images of models that related to the beach theme and also the autumn season.





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